Head Girl 2022/23

Over the coming weeks our Student Representative Council (SRC) will start to take shape as students elect the members of their class groups who will represent their interests as valued members of our school community. We look forward to meeting our new Prefects and Deputy-Prefects, especially those from First Year, who are already determined to contribute to life in ASM! In the meantime we are extremely proud to announce the result of another very important election.

Congratulations to Sixth Year student Christine Houghton on her election to the position of ASM’s Head Girl. Congratulations are also due to Isabel Micks, who will serve as Deputy Head Girl for the coming school year. The girls will represent ASM and its students publicly and we know they will do a fantastic job, as they have already demonstrated in their work for our Open Night.

Well done and the very best of luck girls! Sincere thanks are also due to all of the students who put themselves forward for the position of Head Girl, impressing as they demonstrated a passionate desire to give back to their school.

Isabel Micks (Deputy Head Girl) and Christine Houghton (Head Girl)