Young Social Innovators

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In YSI, we had to pick a world problem that really touched us and we wanted to raise awareness for. My group thought long and hard and eventually settled on “Equal Education for Girls in Third World Countries”. We came up with lots of ideas to raise awareness for this; we wanted to have a fun day, make bracelets and sell them to raise money, and also have a colours day. Most of our time was spent on organising our performance for the Speakout. The Speakout was held in the Lime Tree Theatre and lots of other schools attended.  We had to go onstage fortwo minutes and try to get our message across. A lot of preparation went into this as we had to write our scripts or think of songs we were going to use if we were going to sing. My group sang a song; we split the stage into two and showed the difference between a developed and an undeveloped country. Weshowed a child from theundeveloped country walking over to the developed country and sitting down in the school. We then had a time jump and showed the child graduating a few years later.  It really showed how education can make a difference on someone’s life. There was a lot of different projects from different schools and I really enjoyed watching them all. At the end of this month, we will be attending a showcase up in Dublin which will be a day full of fun.  I thought YSI was a great experience and I enjoyed everything we were involved in as part of it.