Work Experience

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Work experience was of benefit to me both now and in my future. It has helped with me in building my confidence and I now know more about the working world for future reference.


For my own work experience placements I dipped into both retail and engineering. These two placements were completely different types of work, which was of great benefit to me. Everybody has a clear idea of what they plan on doing as a career in the future. Work experience gives you the time to try out what you are interested in to see if it actually suits you. You never know, you might end up loving it or even hating it! At least you will know when you do come to make career choice. These work placements are also helpful for subject choice before moving into the senior cycle, when you know what you want to do you can choose the right subjects! I really enjoyed my work experience placements as I now know more about the working world in retail and engineering.



-Chloe Koyce