Wheelchair Basketball

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 One of the things I really enjoyed in Transition Year was wheelchair basketball.

We were all brought up to SMC to compete against the boys for one of ten places on the team for the Munster League.  Some of the matches we played in SMC were very intense, with each team playing six matches. My team won five out of six matches, losing one match by a single score!  This was most certainly an exciting day of interesting competition against the boys! Luckily I was picked for the team, along with a group of students from both schools, following our performances and travelled to Cork on April 21st to compete in the competition.  It was a tough day and the competition was intense, though in the end we won the entire competition and brought back an amazingly unusual trophy!

I thought wheelchair basketball gave me a great insight into life from a different perspective and I now feel more grateful for what I have.  This was a great opportunity that only presented itself to me because I’m in TY.

~ Sarah O’ Brien