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This year, I followed the school’s Concern Debating team as they travelled around to other schools around the country and competed in the national debating competition. Ellie and I live-tweeted on the debate team’s Twitter page (@ASMDebates) during the debates which included taking photos and keeping the followers up to date with the girls’ preparations, arguments, and results.  We also made a genuine effort to be sports-woman-like and to always say positive things about the girls’ opponents as we understood what a tough competition it is! This opportunity was offered to all TYs by Mr Huff as a way to build our communication skills and become aware of the potential of social media as a promotional tool. I really enjoyed this unique experience and was always anxiously tweeting the results of each debate, hoping the team got through to the next round. This experience taught me more about the issues the team was debating about and the world of social media! The girls of ASM’s Concern Debating team were excellent and enjoyable to watch and also put gave each one of their opposing teams a tough debate.  The talented team made it all the way through to the Knockout Round of this year’s competition. This was definitely one of the highlights of my Transition Year and hope other students volunteer to keep it going for many years to come.



~Aisling Cullen