The Ploughing Championships

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The ploughing championship was our first trip we went on in TY!  We were all so excited to get to the Ploughing Championships so the bus ride felt like we were going to the other side of Ireland!  It was taking ages! When we got there we were free to explore, though we had to do a group-project too.  My group included me, Edel, and Sarah and we had to go to look for Kelly Lou Cakes.  We finally found the stall after an hour and a half!  We asked her some questions and got some buns.  We also had to go to another stall so we went to the Pat the Baker’s.  We tried to ask him some questions, but he had other customers so we just got a photo. Once we had our project done we had time to look at all the stalls which was really interesting! We were having such a great time that we lost track of time and had a hard time getting back to the bus!  Luckily Sarah knew where she was going so we just followed her!  It was a busy day, but one that I definitely enjoyed!


~ Aoife Quinn