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The School Bank is a big thing in our school. Taking part in it many TY students have a great opportunity, especially me as I was chosen to be the Bank Manager.  We get to have students come in and lodge money in every week.  Students come from every year.  We have many prizes every so often like an iPad for one person who opened a bank account this year.  We also give out goodie bags to whoever lodges money into their account every two weeks.


We work with Lorna from Bank of Ireland.  She is a lovely lady and comes in every week to help us with the bank. She got us all the things we needed for the bank.


I really like being the Bank Manager as it is a lot of fun.  It is also a big role that has allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills.  This has definitely been one of my favourite things about TY!


~ Wiktoria Augustynska