Published Date

Starting on the 26th of January this year all of the TY students were involved in a Photography Course every Wednesday.

Our first class consisted of us learning about all of the different settings of a camera and how to use the different modes.  We learned about what makes a good picture, a bad picture, and how to set up a nice setting. The next week, we put this knowledge to the test. We had objects, from books to flowers, and from cups to cupcakes.  We used lighting and different angles to create the pictures we wanted.  Everyone had completely different pictures, even if we had been using the same objects. On our third week, we went on a trip around Limerick City.  We were re-creating photographs from 1916 to celebrate the centenary of the Rising. We all had completely different takes on the same setting and all had a great time.  The following week, we sat and viewed the photographs taken, both good and bad.  We discussed what was wrong with some of them and what made the good photographs good. During our penultimate lesson, we took portraits of our classmates (which are now hanging across from Room 8!!!).  We took the photographs of one another, laughing with friends and creating both funny and heart-warming pictures (not to mention the memories!). Finally, on our last day of photography, we were using Picasa to edit some select photographs, using contrast and cropping.  Overall, we had great fun taking part in this photography course.

~April Quin.