Gaisce Award Adventure Trip

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One of the many things that I enjoyed in Transition Year was our overnight, outdoor adventure as part of our Gaisce Award. The whole TY group travelled to Kilfinane for an overnight adventure trip. To eventually earn our Gaisce medal we had to walk 26km over the course of two days. On the first day we successfully completed about 15km of the walk, which we were all really proud of. The walk was very intense and long but we all completed it together and made it back to the centre. On our return to the adventure centre we were fed and then brought outside the centre where we would be spending our night completing an orienteering course in groups. The only catch was that we had to complete it in the dark! It was definitely a challenge, and a bit of fun! By the time we had gone to bed we were ready for the final 11km of our walk! I really enjoyed the trip and feel that as a group we bonded and helped each other throughout the tasks!

~ Emma Plunkett