1916 Expo Preparation

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As part of Transition Year both classes took part in the 1916 Rising Expo in the school hall. This was a large event for us and took a lot of time and preparation for it to be ready for the 11th of March. The main thing we had to prepare for this day were our scrapbooks, which allowed visiting classes and teachers to learn about different people and events from the 1916 Rising from our point of view. We also created a 1916 themed photo booth which included a soldier and an upper class family and created a lot of excitement among the visiting students.


To include some music in this day we prepared a song called ‘Grace’ which was performed on stage by both Transition Year classes. When deciding on what else we could do for our 1916 Exhibition it was suggested to us by our art teacher that we should create a map of Dublin along with cardboard replicas of certain buildings. We began by dividing a large sheet of paper into 4 segments and sketching out the city. This was followed by painting and outlining the buildings with marker. This map was a great way to visually understand how the Rising actually happened. It felt really rewarding to stage an event that benefitted our entire school community and this was definitely a highlight of the year for me!