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Review of 2015/2016

First & Second Year Hockey


This year hockey has been a very popular sport for both First and Second Year students in ASM.  We gather together every Thursday evening at for an hour’s training with our coaches Ms Hehir and Ms Clancy. We train in St Mary’s Rugby Club to play competitive matches against other schools. Our favourite match was when we travelled to Cork to play in a Hockey Blitz. We really enjoyed ourselves and we were thankful for the invitation to join them.  I enjoyed this blitz in particular as I had the honour of captaining the ASM team!


We have also played against Laurel Hill Coláiste and the Ursaline from Thurles in the Second Year League and taken part in First Year Blitz competitions in Villiers and the Crescent Comprehensive. Throughout all of these matches, and our training sessions, our team has developed in confidence and skill.  We are proud to have represented our school and look forward to more competitions next year!



~ Katelyn Phayer