Green School

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According to Kermit the Frog “it’s not easy bein’ Green” well in ASM we beg to differ! With two flags under our belt and work well underway on earning a third, the following is a snapshot of what we have been up to, so hold on to your seats!


On Thursday, February 25th 2016 a bus set out full of our Green Schools Committee to the Industries Hall of the RDS. The students attended the Green-Schools Expo which featured twenty-three exhibiting schools spread over the six Green-Schools’ themes. Our green-enthusiasts attended Eco Talks and hands-on workshops. We gathered information, had useful discussions, and stole some successful ideas… We mean borrowed!!!  A visit to “Fundrum” was undertaken prior to the busy Expo in order to refuel and research consumer issues, aka shopping!


During the Expo we were reminded of our commitment to our two existing green flags, of which we are very proud. We currently fly flags for our achievements in the areas of litter and waste and also water. The latter flag was awarded just last May. We are constantly working on our existing themes and are now branching out into the theme of water. The TY students are updating the Green Schools’ noticeboard regarding this theme. Expect lots of fun activities and initiatives as we continue our efforts. Green Schools is coordinated by Ms. Delaney and Trojan work has been done by Ms. Keane.


The return from the May bank holiday saw the TY students embrace summer with a trip to the Eco Village in Cloughjordan.  They had a fun-filled day that included quad rides, crafting an up-cycled scarecrow, and conducting an ecology field study… in a field!  This trip, whilst fun, was highly educational for the girls and reinforced the ideas and goals of the Green Schools programme.  It also had the unforeseen side-effect of teaching the girls the difference between a donkey and a goat!


So like Kermit as he concluded his pondering … “We are green and it'll do fine, it's beautiful! And we KNOW it's what we want to be.”


The Millennium Garden’s New Look

As part of the TY Science module, Green Schools, Pay it Forward initiative, and JCSP artist in the classroom the Millennium Garden is getting a makeover!  In preparation for this the TY girls have been busy planning, designing, and weeding the garden.  The final plans for the garden, beautifully sketched by Ms. Bolger, are a culmination of all the girls’ ideas and the sculpture from the JCSP students.


The girls have been exploring the idea of upcycling and are currently making flowers to cover one wall that isn’t suitable for planting.  The Junior Certificate students have made butterflies to create a beautiful sculpture in the centre of the garden and have even made enough for an additional sculpture on the wall to complement the flowers.


The staff of ASM are also getting on board, contributing well loved and admired plants, as is SuperValu, to complete the overall look.


This amazing project will be completed and opened on the 12th May 2016 and this has all been undertaken with the PIF initiative in mind, as these thoughtful staff and students seek to provide a relaxing haven for the current and future girls of Ardscoil Mhuire.